Gibson Thinks I’m A Pubescent Rejectionist

By Brian 

On Friday, TVNewser mentioned that Geraldo Rivera was subbing for John Gibson on The Big Story.

Gibson apparently didn’t notice the quotation marks around the post, where an e-mailer suggested that Geraldo take over the show. On his radio show yesterday, he said I “demanded” that he be “fired.”

My girlfriend loved hearing the audio. Click continued to read the transcript and find out why…

 GIBSON: Did you notice some blogger demanding I be fired this week?

PRODUCER: Uh, yeah, I sure did.

GIBSON: It was one of those TV gossip column places.

PRODUCER: Yeah, indeed.

GIBSON: And he said ‘I’ve gotta go.’

PRODUCER: Yes he did.

GIBSON: He’s said that before.

PRODUCER: Yes he has.

GIBSON: You know, I have always have trouble with pubescent boys in my audience. They tend to be rejectionists until they get a little older. Usually about the time they get a girlfriend, they become fans. So we live in hope.

PRODUCER: Clock is tickin’.

GIBSON: Winds up with a girlfriend, I’ll bet he’s a fan.