Gibson Discovers Olbermann’s “Shtick”

By Brian 

> Update: 12:30pm: Olbermann responds: “I’m very sorry about my old colleague John Gibson’s reaction to being named one of the Worst Persons. But, alas, he did go on a national radio show and insist that people who believe in what he called “the wrong religion” are “going to have to answer” for it.

We all used to like John greatly, back when he worked in the news business, and before he drank the Kool-Aid. But expressing religious hatred and bigotry is enough to get you on the ‘Worst’ list — expressing it to sell more copies of your book is something he’ll have to “answer” for no matter how many, or which, religions happen to be right or wrong.”

John Gibson apparently reads TVNewser or Cox News. After this post yesterday, Gibson made the following comments on his Fox News Talk radio show, as transcribed by Johnny Dollar:

“I must say, there’s a guy on there [MSNBC] who’s got this new shtick of calling people the ‘worst person in the world’. And I cannot believe that NBC News has a prime time news show on it in which somebody is called the worst person in the world.”

JD said “Gibby added that it then gets spread around by ‘the blue blogs’ and ‘generates a huge amount of venom. Huge. I am the recipient of emails that come from that.'”