Getting To Know Glenn Beck: Reactions

By SteveK 

FNC’s Glenn Beck has been all over the media recently, and a behind-the-scenes video from his tearful GQ photo shoot by Jill Greenberg is up on YouTube was posted by Gawker.

John Cook talked to Greenberg about the experience. “The crying was my idea, and Glenn was cool with trying it,” she said. “We used mentholated balm to make his eyes tear up naturally. From then on it was acting on his part. He had fun with it and was a great sport.”

So what about all the negative comments Beck has previously made about Greenberg? “He and his public relations people, at the shoot, said they love my work and had checked out my website,” said Greenberg.


Also giving his take after encountering the FNC star — ABC’s John Stossel, who interviewed Beck for 20/20.

“Whatever grounded him, I’m glad something did,” writes Stossel. “Because it’s good to have a super-successful cable-TV host arguing that life would be better if government — Democrats and Republicans — just left Americans alone.”

Sadly, one of Beck’s guests last night won’t get to give a reaction about the experience. Click continued to see the segment…