Get “Connected” On MSNBC Next Week

By Brian 

It’s official: “Ron Reagan and Monica Crowley will co-host ‘Connected: Coast to Coast,’ a new series premiering Tuesday, Feb. 15,” MSNBC’s press release says. It will air from 12 to 1pm and 5 to 6pm.

Crowley will host from Secaucus and Reagan will host from’s HQ in Redmond — “connecting across the U.S. and connecting cable television and the Internet in a wholly unique telecast,” the release says. The show will talk about everything from “politics to pop culture, with an emphasis on the latest news and buzz in the online community.”

“‘Connected: Coast to Coast’ is part of the new era of political talk on cable– smart, respectful and engaging,” Rick Kaplan says. The show’s web site will feature guest blogs, video blogs and citizen journalists. More…