Geraldo Talks New Book on CNN

By SteveK 

Well, Geraldo broke the Time Warner barrier. FNC anchor Geraldo Rivera joined Wolf Blitzer in The Situation Room on CNN today to discuss his new book, “His Panic.”

Earlier this month, Rivera was bumped from an appearance on HLN, with the network claiming a scheduling conflict (more than two weeks in advance). At the time, Rivera told the New York Post, “This reveals a corporate insecurity.”

But today, Rivera enjoyed a six-minute, congenial interview with Blitzer. It began by Rivera saying, “Wolf, I’m delighted to be with my old partner.”


Blitzer responded, “Alright we have a long history, that we go back many, many years.” (Trivia question: Which place of employment did Rivera and Blitzer cross paths at, and serve as “partners”?)

Rivera credited his “classic, infamous confrontation” with Bill O’Reilly as the basis for the title of his book.

He also said he’d be proud to vote for any of the remaining three presidential candidates.