Geraldo Scares Viewers On Halloween: “Terrifying Threat…Let Loose”

By Brian 

“Geraldo At Large” celebrated its Halloween premiere with “scaremongering,” an e-mailer says, “complete with scary foreboding music.”

Geraldo Rivera hosted from New Orleans. “We are here tracking a terrifying threat that is spreading, the awful impact of Hurricane Katrina from this battered town to others far from here and all across this country — convicted sex offenders, more than 2,000 of them let loose by the chaos and confusion of the hurricane. Where did they go? What are they doing? We have been working hard to find out.”

Also on the show, Laura Ingle traveled with the Dallas Police Department and Laurie Dhue hosted a segment entitled “The World At Large.”

> Update: 7:30pm: BCBeat liveblogged the premiere. I love the summary of the World At Large segment: “Halloween riots out of control; a “spectacular” fire spouting “massive” flames; a “dramatic” helicopter crash; and a “terrifying” roller coaster ride that stranded riders for 2 hour…”