Geraldo Rivera Didn’t Get to Question Pres. Obama in Paris

By Chris Ariens 

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera can’t catch a break. He’s in Paris reporting on the aftermath of the terror attacks (which hit close to home) as well as the Paris Climate Change Conference. This morning, Rivera attended a news conference and was hoping to be called on by President Obama.

But being snubbed at a news conference is just the least of his worries. Rivera is on the verge of losing his radio show which has been syndicated by Cumulus radio since 2012.

On Thanksgiving, as Rivera spent the holiday with his family in London, he Tweeted, “To fans of my #WABCradio show this may be goodbye – Ailing company’s new boss just reneged on our 2016 deal.”

In a Facebook post, Rivera added: “In locking me out of my studio as of last Friday even though my contract does not expire until December 31st and in refusing to honor the 2016 deal negotiated by the ousted [Cumulus vets Lew and John Dickey], they have breached my contract. That slight will not go unanswered.”