Geraldo At Large: “Squalid & Lurid” (And Not Good At Numbers)

By Brian 

Geraldo Rivera delved “into the squalid and lurid” on yesterday’s premiere of At Large, and I’m thankful that Paul Farhi has offered up this review in today’s Post:

“Suffice to say, it ain’t Nightline. Oh, it would be Nightline, if Ted Koppel used sinister-sounding music and swooshing sound effects and did stories on chopper crashes, a transvestite beauty contest and a college TV station that broadcast a porn video.”

> Funny math: “Geraldo put the number of ‘disappeared sex predators’ at ‘more than 2,000,’ followed by reporter Laura Ingle, who cited 4,000. That was followed by a Houston police official who estimated the number at 1,400. Later, another officer guessed it was 1,300.”