Gawker-Christie Lawsuit Likely to Be Dropped

By Alex Weprin 

Yesterday we noted that Gawker and the ACLU were planning to sue New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to obtain records related to his communications with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. Today, the ACLU says it is likely to drop the lawsuit. Why? Christie’s office presented the parties with a calendar item, which it says is the only communication between the two men.

While the suit will be dropped, the ACLU and Gawker’s John Cook both indicate that they believe there is still more to this story. Cook wrote: “We have no earthly idea why Christie would go so far as to invoke executive privilege to keep one lousy schedule entry, concerning a dinner that had already been reported, secret.”

The ACLU released a statement Monday saying, “While today’s response from the Governor’s office will likely resolve the lawsuit, it raises new questions.”