Garrett Defends Obama’s FNC Availability

By SteveK 

The Huffington Post’s Danny Shea obtained an email of the original rundown for today’s Fox & Friends, as well as correspondent Major Garrett’s issues with one of the segments.

The segment involved a discussion with Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell. The rundown, sent to producers, anchors and correspondents at 7:59pmET last night, describes the Bozell segment as: “WILL OBAMA TRY TO CONTROL THE MEDIA? EXAMPLES HE’S ALREADY DONE- KICKED REPORTERS OFF PLANE, IGNORE FNC, BIDEN FL AV INTVIEW.”

Garrett responded to the email at 9:23pmET:


In the context of the 6:15 am B Block “IGNORE FNC” segment, may I point out Obama has done 5 interviews with me and one with Chris Wallace, one with Brit Hume and one with Bill O’Reilly. That’s 8 interviews. Would I like more? Yes. Would Chris Wallace? Yes. Would Brit and O’Reilly like more? Of course…Just a note to add some real numbers and a grain of context. Apologies if I left out any other big interview of Obama of Clinton on our network.

When Bozell appeared on the show at 6:25amET, the segment had changed with Bozell talking about Obama’s “coal” comments. Co-host Brian Kilmeade started the interview by saying, “Brent, we were going to talk about something different…this is now [the] big headline.”

In March it was Wallace who called out F&F on air for its Obama coverage, saying, “Two hours of Obama bashing is enough.”