Fusion Releases Diversity Data

By Mark Joyella 

Newsrooms talk a good game about diversity, but rarely break down the numbers in public. This week, Fusion chief executive Isaac Lee did just that, writing a memo to staff that details exactly how diverse the company–and its news operation–really are.

“With conversations like #OscarsSoWhite happening in the broader entertainment industry, it is critical that the media covering our culture and politics also take a look in the mirror,” Lee writes. “So today I want to share some information with you about how diverse FUSION is. While there is plenty of room for improvement, I am proud to say: we are a majority-minority company.”

tumblr_inline_o2cl75wCh31s165p2_1280According to the memo, 52 percent of Fusion employees self-identify as non-white, 40 percent as white, and 8 percent of employees chose not to disclose their ethnic background. 40 percent of Fusion employees identify as Hispanic or Latino. “Looking at the numbers, we are among the most diverse newsrooms in the country,” Lee said.


Fusion, Lee conceded, has some areas that need work–noting the network is about 55 percent male overall, although editorial and production jobs are 53 percent female. “Over the past year we have seen an increase in the number of women in Director-level or above roles,” Lee said. “The majority of our editorial verticals and key projects are overseen by women–including our elections coverage.”