Fusion Announces New Summer Shows

By Merrill Knox 

abc_fusion_logo_130508Fusion has unveiled a new slate of summer programming, three new shows and two specials that will premiere beginning this month.

The shows are “Drug Wars,” a firsthand look at the law enforcement officials charged with keeping drugs out of the U.S., and “The Dukes of 2 Square,” a series following two friends as they attempt to establish themselves as street artists. “Drug Wars” will air Thursdays at 10pmET beginning July 17 and “The Dukes of 2 Square” will air Wednesdays at 10pmET beginning July 30. In August, Fusion will also debut “Rootas,” a series on “the alternative and edgy side of Latin America.”

“Our new slate of programming this summer is thought-provoking and entertaining, which is exactly the combination Fusion viewers have come to expect from us,” Fusion CEO Isaac Lee said in a statement.

Other summer programming includes the English-language premiere of “This is Not a Ball,” a feature documentary of about Brazilian artist Vik Muniz‘s passion for soccer, and a one-hour primetime comedy special with “Daily Show” correspondent Al Madrigal.

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Extraordinary Series “Drug Wars” Takes You Inside One of the Most Successful Counter-Narcotics Operations in History — From the Producers of “Whale Wars”
In Time for World Cup Opening, Vik Muniz’s “This Is Not a Ball” Offers Colorful Insight on the Impact of a Small Round Object on Communities Around the World

June 11, 2014 – Fusion, the millennial network launched by Disney/ABC and Univision last fall, today announced a new slate of original series including “Drug Wars” (from the producers of the critically-acclaimed series “Whale Wars”), “The Dukes of 2 Square,” and “Rootas”; the English-language version of Vik Muniz’s feature doc “This is Not a Ball” in time for the opening of the 2014 World Cup; and “Daily Show” correspondent Al Madrigal will host and report a one-hour primetime comedy special for the network on the power and influence of the booming Latino community in America, which will air in advance of the 2014 midterms (more here).

“Our new slate of programming this summer is thought-provoking and entertaining, which is exactly the combination Fusion viewers have come to expect from us,” said Fusion CEO Isaac Lee. “We strive to deliver shows that are diverse in content and personality, but consistent in the fact that they challenge our viewers to look at the world around them with a critical eye.”

“Since launching last fall Fusion has pushed boundaries, questioned the status quo, and sparked dynamic conversations about issues and stories not being discussed anywhere else on television,” says Lee. “From our coverage of issues of social equality and the student debt crisis to being one of the only American outlets to provide in-depth coverage of the student protests in Venezuela, Fusion is giving a voice to our young, diverse audience.”

Fusion will continue to build on the success of its existing programs including “AMERICA with Jorge Ramos,” “Alicia Menendez Tonight” and “Fusion LIVE” as well as topical satire program “No, You Shut Up!” among several other shows. For more info on Fusion’s daily and weekly programming visit Fusion.net.

* * *

This Is Not a Ball” is a feature documentary that follows acclaimed Brazilian artist Vik Muniz as he explores the global passion for soccer and the obsession with the game’s central object, the ball.  In anticipation of the 2014 World Cup, Muniz set out on a journey to see how a small round object can transform the lives of individuals and communities around the world. Travel alongside Muniz as he follows the bouncing ball out of his art studio in Rio de Janeiro, into the football fields atop the city’s favelas, and across five continents to document the roots of our fascination with the ball – perhaps mankind’s first toy.

Throughout his journey, Vik also encounters ordinary people who share their stories about their own passion for the ball – children in the favelas, social activists who are using soccer to promote social change, and Pakistani soccer ball makers. “This Is Not a Ball” captures Muniz’s artistic process as he creates a major new artwork inspired by these encounters: two large scale images composed with 10,000 balls at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City and at Favela Vidigal in Rio de Janeiro. “This Is Not a Ball” intertwines sport, science, and art in a narrative that will help us better appreciate the most important object of the game: the ball. “This Is Not a Ball” makes its English-language television premiere on Saturday, June 14 at 8:00 p.m., ET — WATCH TRAILER.

* * *

From the producers of the critically acclaimed series “Whale Wars,” comes the Fusion original series “Drug Wars.” Going deep inside some of the most successful counter-narcotics operations the world has ever seen, “Drug Wars” provides a riveting first-hand look at the adrenaline-charged world of the men and women fighting to keep drugs out of the United States. The fast-paced, seven-part series takes viewers on a journey through air, sea, and land, following counter-narcotics operations that resulted in the confiscation of more than 125 metric tons of cocaine in 2013 alone – making it one of the most successful hits against drug trafficking ever.

Traveling through Colombia, Panama, and the Caribbean, Fusion cameras got exclusive access to follow units of the US Coast Guard, US Navy, US Customs and Border Protection, DEA, as well as the Colombian Armada and Coast Guard, and the Policia Nacional of Panama. During the three month deployment an estimated $400 million dollars worth of cocaine were seized. “Drug Wars” will air Thursdays at 10:00 p.m., ET on Fusion and will premiere on Thursday, July 17 — WATCH TRAILER.

* * *

Meet the men behind 2 Square: Jeremiah and Justin are two friends from Tennessee who left their comfortable lives to chase their dream of becoming legends in the world of street art. If only it were that easy. Follow them on a journey through Europe and beyond to paint the biggest mural of their career. With an art philosophy that relies a bit more on quantity than quality, Jeremiah and Justin will undoubtedly leave their mark on every city they stop in.

Some in the art world consider them childlike, fraudulent and a nuisance. Others see them as fun, charismatic and prolific, but there is one thing everyone can agree on about Jeremiah and Justin — they are completely unpredictable! “The Dukes of 2 Square” will air Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m., ET on Fusion and will premiere on Wednesday, July 30.

* * *

There is so much more to America than the United States. “Rootas” takes you on a trip through the alternative and edgy side of Latin America.  Fusion guides you on a path through the unexplored corners of the region, from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego, uncovering the raw beauty and eccentricities of a land full of stories, and the people who live them. Rootas has dual meaning: in English, it references “roots” (as in heritage); in Spanish (spelled “rutas”) it’s the word for paths or routes. “Rootas” will premiere on Fusion in August (date/time TBD).