From The True Spokesperson…

By Brian 

I found it odd that an FNC spokesperson would say “I don’t know” in response to a question from the NY Daily News. And sure enough, an OFFICIAL Fox News spokesperson explained that today’s response in Rush & Molloy was NOT given by a Fox News spokeswoman:

“The quote in today’s Rush & Molloy column came from a freelance entertainment booker who works from home and has nothing to do with Lauren Green, much less James Rosen,” the spokesperson said. “After scrambling all day to re-write Radar Magazine’s gossip item, Joanna incorrectly attributed the label of ‘spokeswoman’ to someone who is not even a full-time employee and quoted her in an official capacity.”

> Update: 2:31pm: Joanna Molloy explains that she e-mailed and called a Fox News spokesperson, but did not receive answers to her questions. Then she tried calling Lauren Green. “They wouldn’t put me through to Lauren Green herself. But they did put me through to Tricia Patella, who was identified as the spokeswoman of ‘Fox and Friends,’ Green’s show. I asked Ms. Patella if Ms. Green was gay and she said, ‘I don’t know.’ That comment is in the column.”

> Clarification: Molloy told TVNewser that the Fox spokesperson “never bothered to contact [me].” In fact, the spokesperson did reply, but did not answer Molloy’s questions.