Friedman: “We Did Make Mistakes At The Beginning… & Alienated Clearly A Significant Part Of Our Traditional Audience”

By Brian 

Newly appointed CBS News senior VP Paul Friedman speaks about “the short list of things to improve,” specifically about the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, in this Hollywood Reporter story. Quotes:

> “Obviously it’s not the best news one could get on a Tuesday morning, but we know we’re on the right track now, and we know most nights we’re the best broadcast on in the evenings.”

> “Our frustration is that the program is so much better, and we just need people to notice that, because we did make mistakes at the beginning, clearly, and alienated clearly a significant part of our traditional audience. We’ve got to get them to check in again.”

> “The show was too experimental for people’s taste at that hour. We’ve brought that back to a much more traditional newscast.”