Friedman: Katie Couric Should Return to NBC

By Alex Weprin 

MarketWatch media columnist Jon Friedman has a suggestion for NBC News: bring back Katie Couric when her deal with CBS expires next year.

Friedman says that Steve Capus, Brian Williams and Jeff Zucker have all indicated that they would welcome her return, and outlines some other reasons why Couric should go back to her national news roots, so to speak:

The network is about to be acquired by Comcast, which spells uncertainty at every turn. NBC News employees fret that Comcast may not appreciate their accomplishments — NBC News is No. 1 in morning, evening and Sunday broadcasting. Adding a star like Couric will fortify the news division further…

The opportunity would free Couric from doing what she is worst at — reading from a teleprompter in a scripted fashion — and do what she is best suited for — more spontaneous exchanges with guests, colleagues and the audience. Couric’s chief strength is her interviewing style. She gets people to say things, which is what you want from someone in that position.

Of course, Friedman, does not specify exactly what role Couric would have at NBC, or where the network would squeeze her into its already full lineup. By all accounts Meredith Vieira has done a fine job at “Today,” making a return to the morning show unlikely, and something that Couric may not be fond of.

Perhaps an MSNBC show? leave you thoughts in the comments.