Fred Hickman, Former ESPN and CNN Sports Anchor, Passes Away

By Mark Mwachiro 

For many, the name Fred Hickman fondly takes them back to a time when he and Nick Charles anchored CNN’s nightly sports show, CNN Sports Tonight.

Sadly, Hickman passed away Wednesday at the age of 66.

He was most recently an anchor & managing editor for the evening newscast on Black News Channel.


A CNN original, Hickman was on the air on CNN’s first day where alongside Charles, who passed away in 2011, anchored the network’s first nightly sports wrap-up show.

Shortly after its launch, the show became a must-watch for sports fans across the nation. He was also the first person to host Inside The NBA, TNT’s award-winning pre-game and post-game basketball show.

Hickman spent 19 years at CNN/TBS, after which he moved to YES Network, becoming the network’s first anchor when it launched in 2002. He hosted the pre-game and the post-game shows for the New York Yankees and the New Jersey Nets.

Hickman joined ESPN in 2004, becoming a SportsCenter anchor. In addition to his SportsCenter duties, Hickman also anchored Baseball Tonight, ESPN Classic, NBA Shoot Around, and NBA Coast to Coast.

After his stint at ESPN, Hickman spent time at Fox Sports South, WVUE, WVLA, and WDVM.

Tributes have been pouring in since his passing was announced.