Frank Stanton, 1908-2006: “Indefatigable”

By Brian 

An excerpt from the Los Angeles Times’ obituary for Frank Stanton:

  A tall, good-looking, meticulously groomed man with blondish hair, Stanton immediately showed skill, intelligence and drive in running the network.

He was indefatigable,’ [Richard] Salant, the CBS news chief, wrote in his memoir. ‘He never seemed to need sleep. His integrity was uncompromising yet it was gentle. He nursed his associates along and taught them by osmosis and example, not by forbidding and righteous moralizing (or demoralizing) lectures.’

One of Stanton’s first major journalistic tests as a network executive came in 1954 when the network stood behind the airing of a controversial segment of Edward R. Murrow‘s program, ‘See It Now.’ In it, Murrow had pieced together footage of U.S. Senate hearings in which Sen. Joseph McCarthy intimidated the news media and entertainment industry in his hunt for communists. Murrow then methodically rebutted the charges…”

However, Stanton and Murrow didn’t see eye to eye, as this NYT obit and this Web site explains…