Fox’s Printing Press

By Brian 

A great lead in today’s New York Sun:

“Fred Barnes, Eric Burns, Neil Cavuto, John Gibson, E.D. Hill, Colonel David Hunt, Brian Kilmeade, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Sammon, and Eric Shawn – the list sounds like a network schedule. But these are just some of the Fox News hosts, correspondents, or analysts who have recently published books. People often bandy about terms like ‘corporate synergy.’ The power of the Fox News brand may show where – and how – it’s actually working.”

Does anyone else think it’s interesting that all but one of the authors listed are male?

Bill Shine “said Fox hosts are allowed to talk about their books on their shows but should not overdo it. He said there is no formal Fox policy on this.” Overdo it?! More…