Fox O&O’s Becoming “The Most Powerful Name(s) In Local News”

By Brian 

Fox’s owned and operated stations are becoming more like their cable news cousin.

Last week, a tipster wrote: “I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention this, but the local Fox affiliate in NYC has just undergone a major rebranding, with a logo that’s a derivative of the Fox News Channel logo, FNC graphics for their news shows, and even a new slogan, ‘The most powerful name in local news,’ which sounds familiar to any FNC watchers. What I’m curious to know is, is this just the NYC station, or have all Fox-owned stations undergone this change?”

Not yet, but they’re apparently heading in that direction. “Word from Dedham is that the corporate big wigs are pushing a ton of changes at 25. It now seems all Fox O&O’s will be using the same logo,” a Boston TV News message board poster says.

It’s about time for a Foxified logo. The classic rectangle (see D.C. and L.A. for examples) has been around for too many years…

A few comments from e-mailers:

> “All FOX O and O stations will get the logos, same music and variations of the graphics.”

> “WTVT in Tampa got the new look a few months ago, KTVI in St. Louis is also sporting the new look… they have the exact same anchor desk and studio as WNYW.”

> “FOX O&O’s in St. Louis and Memphis have also changed to the new FNC style.”