Fox News’s Steve Hilton is a Strong Believer in ‘Positive Populism’

By A.J. Katz 

Steve Hilton is bringing a unique voice to Fox News prime time. His new show The Next Revolution explores the rise of populism in the U.S., and around the globe. A native Brit now living in Silicon Valley, Hilton publicly came out in support of Brexit last year, going against his longtime friend and a man he advised for many years, Prime Minister David Cameron.

“David always knew how I felt about the EU,” Hilton told TVNewser. “We haven’t had any contact since the Brexit vote which obviously put us on different sides of a very high profile debate. I still consider him a friend and hope that one day we can pick up where we left off…”

Broadcasting from Fox News’s LA bureau, Hilton will introduce viewers to a “positive style of populism,” which includes his quest to force out the elites, and of course “drain the swamp.”


TVN: Tell us about The Next Revolution, and how it will stand out from other cable news fare?

Hilton: The idea is to do something fresh and different, with more of a West Coast feel, positive and optimistic and trying to minimize the predictable political back and forth.

TVN: How does the backstory of Brexit compare with the populist movement that helped put Pres. Trump in office, and turned Bernie Sanders into a major force in U.S. politics?

Hilton: The underlying reason for this populist uprising is the fact that all around the world, for many decades now, people have felt that it doesn’t matter who they vote for, the same elite are in charge, with the same outcome: the rich get richer and working people get poorer. What we want to do on the show is set out a practical, non-ideological agenda for changing that and improving people’s lives: I call it ‘positive populism.’

TVN: How would you grade Trump’s first 4 1/2 months in office? Has he done a good job of draining the swamp?

Hilton: I think it’s still too early to say – but we will be keeping a close eye on it, you can be sure. We will hold Washington – both Congress and the Trump administration – to account for delivering the populist revolution people voted for. And we’re really excited about our new weekly segment ‘SwampWatch’ where we will expose in detail the corrupt web of connections between politicians, donors, lobbyists, bureaucrats and all the other swamp dwellers!

TVN: Best part about living in and hosting a show from California is…?

Hilton: I love America and I love California! I think this is just the greatest place in the world and I’m so grateful for the incredible opportunities I’ve had since we moved here 5 years ago – teaching at Stanford, starting a business and now being able to talk about the issues I care about in a way that I hope will resonate with our audience.

The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton premieres on Fox News tomorrow night at 9 p.m. ET.