Fox News Was the Main Source of 2016 Election News

By Chris Ariens 

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A new Pew Research Center survey found Fox News to be the top source of election news, with 19 percent of voters saying FNC was their “main source” for news about the campaign. In all, 40 percent of those surveyed who voted for Donald Trump said Fox News was their main source of news, followed by CNN and then Facebook.

Hillary Clinton‘s voters did not rally around a single source like Trump voters did. For Clinton supporters, CNN was the main source of news (18 percent), followed by MSNBC and then Facebook.


Of the more than 4,100 people surveyed by Pew, just 3 percent of Clinton voters named Fox News as their main source of news. Other findings:

  • ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NPR and CBS were virtually tied as a main source of election news.
  • Digital news publishers did not play an outsize role. Breitbart was named by 1 percent of voters, BuzzFeed wasn’t named by any voters in the Pew study.
  • Voters say they regularly got election headlines from Google News (18 percent), The Huffington Post (17 percent), and  Yahoo News (12 percent).