Fox News to Host Debate Between Governors Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom

By Mark Mwachiro 

Fox News’ Sean Hannity has scored a must-see debate between two high-profile governors, one of them a presidential candidate.

Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis and California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom have agreed to debate each other on Fox News with Hannity serving as the moderator.

Newsom and DeSantis have frequently clashed over numerous issues, some national and others respective to their state. Newsom, a frequent watcher of Hannity’s primetime program, has challenged DeSantis to debate him, and on Wednesday, during an appearance on Hannity’s program, DeSantis, looking to reignite his troubled presidential campaign, agreed to the debate, saying, “Absolutely, I’m game. Just tell me when and where.”


Some of the Newsom camp’s proposed terms for the debate, which does not have a date or time, include:

  • It will be a 90-minute debate in-studio, aired live on Fox News.
  • The governors will not use notes or bring prepared documents on stage.
  • Each governor will receive four minutes maximum to speak for their opening and will get two minutes for their closing.
  • A coin toss will determine who will speak first, with the loser being the first to speak during closing remarks.
  • There will be a pen and a pad of paper for each governor to use during the program.
  • Staff will not brief participants once the program has begun.
  • As the moderator, Hannity will ask all questions and ensure that equal time is maintained and that Governors do not interrupt each other during their designated time to speak.

The pressure to perform will be on DeSantis, as a positive showing could boost his presidential primary chances. A negative one could lead to more questions concerning his candidacy and decision-making, one of them being why make the decision to debate someone not running for the presidency.

For Hannity and Fox News, this debate will definitely bring eyeballs to the network, including non-traditional Fox News viewers. A win-win for them, whichever way you look at it.