‘Fox News Sunday’ Celebrates 15 Years On-Air

By Alex Weprin 

This month, Fox News Sunday will celebrate its 15th year on the air. The program launched on the Fox broadcast network April 28, 1996, six months before Fox News Channel debuted.

Moderator Chris Wallace spoke to to US News & World Report about the anniversary and is career:

Because he has over three decades as a Washington correspondent and is the son of fabled 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace, he brings a different perspective to the job. “At this particular point in my career to be able to take the benefit for all that I’ve learned in 35 years in Washington and to put it to use, and you just sort of know how it’s going to play out, and to be able to attack an issue or question a newsmaker with the benefit of all that perspective is very satisfying,” he says.


His reputation for fairness has helped to clear the way for Fox-bashers to appear on his show. “We are, I like to think, in the very best sense of the words, that our show is fair and balanced,” he says, adding, “I think we do provide a counterbalance to some of the other shows.”