Fox News, SiriusXM Sign Long-Term Extension to Their Broadcast Deal

By A.J. Katz 

Satellite radio juggernaut SiriusXM and Fox News Media announced today that they have extended their broadcast agreement so SiriusXM subscribers can continue to get their favorite Fox News, FBN and Fox News Headlines 24/7 content.

The new agreement ensures all the aforementioned Fox News Media properties will continue to appear on SiriusXM designated channels, with FNC airing on Channel 114, FBN on Channel 113 and Fox News Headlines 24/7 on Channel 115.

“SiriusXM has been a valuable partner to Fox News Media and we are excited to extend our relationship beyond streaming, providing on-demand access of our powerful prime time lineup to millions of listeners across the country,” Fox News and FBN president Jay Wallace said in a statement.

The late Fox News founder and CEO Roger Ailes was a driving force behind the original agreement with Sirius in 2013.

Fox News Headlines 24/7 will continue to be produced exclusively for SiriusXM, available on satellite and streaming platforms. The platform, which launched in 2015 under the supervision of Wallace, provides real-time headlines on breaking news, national stories, politics, business, entertainment, sports and social media trends.

As part of the new agreement, Fox News On-Demand Audio will now be distributed via SiriusXM’s On-Demand platform and on Pandora as podcasts, making audio of FNC’s weekday evening and prime time programming lineup available on-demand to more than 100 million subscribers and listeners.

Additionally, SiriusXM subscribers will continue to have access to FNC programming through the SiriusXM App on smart phones and other connected devices.