Fox News Launches New 24/7 Streaming Weather Service Fox Weather

By A.J. Katz 

The day is here: Fox News’ new ad-supported streaming weather news service Fox Weather went live this morning, Monday, Oct. 25, at 6 a.m. ET, and it’s already the most-downloaded free app in America, per the Apple App store, presently ahead of TikTok (No. 2), and YouTube (No. 3).

Fox Weather morning co-anchors Jason Frazer and Britta Merwin welcomed audiences to the new 24/7 streaming platform early this morning. Frazer and Merwin along with Stephen Morgan will be anchoring Fox Weather Sunrise, which is the platform’s morning show, airing weekdays from 6-9 a.m. ET.

Jason Frazer: Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Fox Weather. I’m Jason Frazer.


Britta Merwin: And I’m Britta Merwin. We’re so happy that you are here. We’re so excited to welcome you all the very first time to America Weather Center. So it’s very exciting. We have a new home for you right here for all things weather. Here at Fox Weather, we have all the tools and the people working around the clock to keep you informed.

Frazer:And this is a live look at our entire studio. You can see that is Weather Command, so that is where all of our meteorologists as well as producers sit. So we’ll be able to show you the different parts of the country and what’s happening pretty much in real time. That’s also where our graphics are made as well. Jordan and Jeff wave to the camera along with Stephanie as well. There you go. They are an integral part of our team here at Fox Weather.

Merwin:And here at America’s Weather Center, we’re just happy that you’re a part of our Fox Weather family. So come on in, grab your coffee, grab your tea and join us for the next six hours for a great start to your day.

Frazer: And as the morning progresses, we’re going to show you also different parts of the studio. And we also have a few important guests that are going to be stopping by. So we have a very busy day to kick us off. So let’s get right to it.

Fox Weather is a free, ad-supported service that will be available at and through the Fox Weather app for iOS and Android. Fox Weather is also available on internet-connected TVs via Fox Now, the Fox News app and Tubi.

Utilizing Fox News’ newsgathering units along with Fox TV Stations’ team of 120 meteorologists across the country, the new streaming service is offering users a suite of weather products featuring local, regional and national reporting, in addition to live programming.

Headquartered at Fox News New York headquarters, Fox Weather will originate from a a brand new studio, where the ceiling will change colors with the weather, turning red during severe events. The Fox Weather Meteorological Center is integrating the FTS radar network, cutting-edge display technology and weather and forecasting experts surrounding every major weather event.