Fox News, Fox Business Carry Rupert Murdoch Remarks on Launch of ‘The Daily’

By Chris Ariens 

While CNN and MSNBC are in continuing coverage of the crisis in Egypt, Fox News and Fox Business have their cameras trained on the big boss — News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch who is unveiling his company’s latest editorial product, “The Daily” a news site built especially for Apple’s iPad.

Fox News/Fox Business’s Neil Cavuto is anchoring coverage of the event at the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan. Cavuto will interview Murdoch following the event, around NoonET on Fox Business. For what it’s worth, Murdoch’s SkyNews in the U.K. stuck with Egypt coverage.


TVNewser/WebNewser’s Alex Weprin is at the Guggenheim covering the event, look for his stories later today on the blog network.

> Update: The coverage, simulcast on FNC and FBN, went from 11am-11:30amET.

> More: Cavuto defends both networks’ carrying of the event over coverage from Egypt:

“We are continuing to monitor this event and I am already getting emails and bloggers saying ‘you are only covering this because your boss is Rupert Murdoch.’ That might have something to do with it, but this is a big event in and of itself how you look at news. I may remind those in news organizations that whenever Apple comes out with a product, whether they get top executives

there or not, they seem to go full throttle on that product announcement because these tend to be cultural events that go beyond a given company. What Rupert Murdoch is trying to do here could go beyond a given company, a given stock, or a given population. This is all about disseminating news. And it’s no accident that some of the pro and con comments that Shibani Joshi and I have been getting emailed are coming from the Internet. And that is going to be the next OK Corral for getting your news and information. It is an interesting step to point out here – at the Guggenheim Museum by the way – the home of contemporary and modern art –that the contemporary and modern way the way young folks get news is the World Wide Web. Seven out of ten college students do not look at a printed newspaper. They get all the news they need online which could be a good or bad thing. They are trying to change the dynamics so that at least you get the content, kids. This is not just for kids. Although it is a push for a younger audience that has largely left the traditional media so the fact of them matter is, in this respect, it is a crucial, crucial stage being fought.”

A Fox News satellite truck outside the Guggenheim Museum for today's launch of News Corp.'s "The Daily"