Fox News Fans Send 36,000 Emails, Make 32,000 Calls Over Dish–Just on Sunday

By Mark Joyella 

GetBackFoxFox News viewers must have gotten their holiday shopping done early, because they burned up the phones, and fired off tens of thousands of emails Sunday to express their displeasure with the dropping of Fox News Channel and Fox Business from Dish Network. Negotiations between Fox and Dish ended without a deal late Saturday, and the two channels went dark. Fox, anticipating a service interruption, had been warning viewers–and educating them, with messages that urged Fox News fans to get on the phone, make emails, and use social media.

On Sunday alone, Fox News recorded 36,000 emails to Dish via Fox’s “Keep Fox News” website, which allows visitors to immediately fire off an email to Dish, make a phone call, or find a new television provider. The site has resulted in a total of 116,000 emails and 156,000 phone calls–32,000 alone just on Sunday.

On Facebook, a post on the Fox News page made early Sunday has received 85,000 likes, 37,000 shares and 27,000 comments–many of them vows to drop Dish if Fox is not returned.