Fox News Documentary Spawns Twitter Spat

By Chris Ariens 

John Stossel‘s Sunday night Fox News special Green Tyranny promised to tell “the truth” about the green movement. “Hollywood and the media push green propaganda. Kids fear global warming will kill them,” the promo went.

One of the segments was about the popular 2013 CNN documentary Blackfish which investigated the treatment of killer whales in captivity. After Stossel’s special aired, there was a twitter back-and-forth between Stossel and John Hargrove, a former killer whale trainer for Sea World who appeared in Blackfish.

In his special, Stossel said, “While the director of Blackfish and others who appear in the film would not talk to us, biologist Lori Marino did.”


When Hargrove heard that, and saw his picture flashed on Fox News, he took to Twitter:

This morning Stossel fired back, linking to an email chain which included a request — and initial agreement — to Hargrove’s publicist for an interview.

John Stossel

Whether Hargrove ever got the message from his publicist is not known. As for how Stossel’s special did in the ratings, we’ll have those numbers tomorrow.