Fox News Correspondent Kristin Fisher’s Dad, an ER Physician, Explains State of His Healthcare Center

By A.J. Katz 

Seemingly everyone has a connection to the coronavirus. Fox News’ White House correspondent Kristen Fisher has an especially unique one. No, she has not tested positive for it, nor have any of those close to her (that we know of), but her father is an emergency room physician down in Texas.

It’s a rough time for all healthcare workers right now, and that includes those in the ER. Fisher’s dad has undoubtedly seen his fair share of patients in recent days, and as e said during an appearance on Martha MacCallum‘s show, “every patient I see with similar symptoms is a potential COVID-19 patient.”

Fisher checked in with her dad on Monday, he sent her the photo below. Fisher posted the photo on Instagram, and on Twitter:



The photo elicited quite a reaction from the oft-negative Twitterverse.

Fisher and her father Dr. William Fisher appeared on MacCallum’s 7 p.m. show last night, two days after that tweet, to talk about what the elder Fisher is up to down in Texas:

“It’s unusual. It’s like walking into a dark forest with a patient behind every tree and they all have similar symptoms,” he added. “Some have the flu, some have a cold, and some have COVID-19. We have to treat them all as though they infected, and it’s a little different of a situation.”