Fox News Calls Out NBC/MSNBC Twice in Primetime

By Merrill Knox 

We’ve already told you about how on his show last night Neil Cavuto took on MSNBC over some of its coverage of Ann Romney’s multiple sclerosis treatment. Well later on in FNC’s primetime, two other shows called out other peacock programs.

On “Special Report,” Bret Baier took on “‘NBC Nightly News” saying the show “is playing some serious catch-up” on the “Fast and Furious.”

“The network news show has only mentioned the failed gun tracking program, once for a few seconds since the scandal broke last year,” Baier said. “Keep in mind, Attorney General Holder has testified before Congress no less than nine times.”


Later, on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Bill O’Reilly interviewed Fox News contributor Lanny Davis about his crusade to restore civility to politics and the media.

O’Reilly cited two recent incidents on MSNBC arguing that such civility is impossible: a selectively-edited clip of Mitt Romney’s Wawa comments on “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” and a clip of Melissa Harris-Perry saying in a speech that Americans “became willing to stomach a kind of horrific racial violence in the name of national security” after 9/11.

“Unbelievable!” O’Reilly said. “So we, the United States, are racist because we defended ourselves against radical Islam after 9/11? You can’t combat that! How do you combat that?”

“Oh yes you can. With all due respect to Ms. Harris — I strongly disagree with what she did, she actually did racial stereotyping herself,” Davis responded. “But you’ve got to speak up.”

Since Fox News viewers probably don’t watch a lot of MSNBC, it’s interesting to see the network call out these shows so much. Three times in a matter of hours? And we didn’t even catch “The Five” yesterday to see if they had any MSNBComplaints.