Fox News Anchor Eric Shawn Asks Viewers to Stay Home: ‘There Are So Many Suffering. It Is Personal. It Is Crushing’

By A.J. Katz 

Fox News anchor Eric Shawn made a passionate plea to his viewers in New York and across the nation yesterday to stay home as a means of combating the novel coronavirus.

“You know it’s almost like a murderer is on the loose and if there was one on the loose in your neighborhood, what would you do? Well you’d run inside and stay safe and stay inside until the danger is over,” Shawn stated, insisting to his viewers that he wasn’t being alarmist or dramatic.

“There are so many suffering. It is personal. It is crushing,” Shawn added. “Personal, family tragedies—we don’t want it to happen to you. Stay home. Tell your teenagers to stay home. Play video games, whatever, just for now and please listen to authorities and medical experts. The best we can do for ourselves and our nation I think for now, just stay home, for a while, please.”