Fox News ‘America’s Election Headquarters’ Will Give Way to ‘Democracy 2020’

By A.J. Katz 

With the 2020 presidential election in the horizon, Fox News has decided to change its election brand.

America’s Election Headquarters—which has been a mainstay on Fox News Channel for the past decade—is giving way to Democracy 2020.

Interestingly, no Fox News on-air talent will appear in the network’s new It’s In Your Hands marketing campaign, which instead focuses on Americans and the choice they’ll be making in next year’s election.


Adweek TV/media editor Jason Lynch spoke with Fox News Media marketing chief Jason Klarman about the new election campaign. Klarman told Lynch that consumers see elections differently now than they did when Fox News first launched in 1996.

“Twenty years ago, we were concerned that there was voter apathy and people weren’t showing up at the polls. And nothing could be further from the truth today,” said Klarman.

The new It’s In Your Hands commercial includes footage of Americans of different ages and races, in both rural and urban settings, as the narrator voices, “America is a special place. It’s a place where we work for what we want and speak up for what we believe.”

After the narrator discusses the importance of voting, ending with “We do something most people across the globe only dream of,” the spot ends with a montage of hands—again of various sizes and skin tones—holding a button that reads “Fox News: Democracy 2020.”

The spot (which can be found here) will air this month on Fox News and FBN, as well as Fox News’ digital platforms.

Then beginning Nov. 3, two days before this year’s elections, the “seven-figure” campaign will roll out across the country and will include outdoor elements as well as ad buys on national TV and local cable.