2 Fox Contributors Suspended for Comments About Pres. Obama

By Chris Ariens 

This morning on his FBN show, Stuart Varney asked Fox military analyst Ralph Peters what he thought of President Obama’s Oval Office remarks last night. Peters had a lot to say.

“He keeps speaking about, how we can’t give in to our fears,” he began, before unloading:

Look, Mr. President we’re not afraid we’re angry. We’re pissed off. We’re furious we want you to react. Do something. You’re afraid. This guy is such a total pussy it is stunning. We want — we the people, American people, we want action. We want action against Islamic state and then — then when the the president is telling us he’s going to destroy ISIS, this is a president who has done more harm to American police departments than he has done to Islamic State.


After a few more comments, Varney jumped in: “I can tell you’re superangry and I asked you what your reaction was, but you can’t use language like that on the program.”

“Im sorry,” Peters said, before continuing on his rant. “Ralph. I’m sorry I’ve got to interrupt again,” Varney said. “You used some very strong language about the President of the United States. And I’m the anchor of Varney & Company and I have to ask you, either, to apologize for that or take it back.”

“I apologize,” Peters said again.

Interestingly, in CNN’s special report about ISIS called #Blindsided, Fareed Zakaria reports on how the terror group uses TV clips, especially those that are critical of the U.S., to advance its recruitment. “CNN makes an occasional appearance,” Zakaria reported, “But Fox News is a favorite of ISIS with commentators demanding boots on the ground playing into ISIS’ dreams of a grand battle with America. All of it is frighteningly effective, creating a 21st century machine designed perfectly for the young and built to recruit followers from across the world.”

Update: Statement from Bill Shine, svp of programming for FNC and FBN: “Earlier today, FOX contributors Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash made comments on different programs that were completely inappropriate and unacceptable for our air. FOX Business Network and FOX News Channel do not condone the use of such language, and have suspended both Peters and Dash for two weeks.”

In reference to Dash’s comments, Mediaite reports the Outnumbered contributor said of the president’s remarks:  “I felt like he could give a shit– excuse me, like he could care less.”