Fox Journos “Frozen Out” By Obama; But Two Conversations With Ailes May Help

By Brian 

Sources tell the WP blog The Sleuth that Barack Obama‘s camp “has ‘frozen out’ Fox News reporters and producers in the wake of the network’s major screw-up in running with the erroneous Obama-the-jihadist story.”

Since the incident, “Obama has given interviews to ABC, CNN, CBS and NBC — pretty much every other network except Fox.” Carl Cameron managed to get a few words from Obama on Monday, but it “wasn’t prearranged; Cameron walked alongside Obama, who didn’t even stop while answering the questions.”

But, Mary Ann Akers reports, “no one is suggesting the icy conditions are permanent. In fact, a thawing of sorts may already have begun thanks to two telephone conversations Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes had with Obama…”