Fox Has Friends in Atlanta

By SteveK 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Kristi E. Swartz writes about the success of Fox & Friends in its local television market.

Just as it has in Detroit and some other markets, the morning cable show has surpassed a network equivalent — now lasting 72 months behind ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today show.

The ratings described in the article show some striking facts. So far this year, first place GMA (133,000 viewers) and second place Today (105,000) are in direct competition in the market. Third-place F&F (30,000) comes in after a huge drop, and is followed by CNN’s American Morning (15,000). CBS’ The Early Show is in fifth place (8,000). One possible reason for CBS’ poor numbers — the network is found on channel 46.


“Fox is a new kind of television,” says chairman of Fordham University’s communication and media studies department, Paul Levinson, in the article. “It’s a program that’s more in tune with YouTube, with the Web and with the way television has been evolving in the 21st century.”