Fox Business Network’s GOP Debate Rules Will Be Different

By Brian Flood 

The next GOP debate on Fox Business Network will be different than the three previous editions, according to the New York Times. The candidates will not give opening statements but will have more time to answer questions; 90 seconds in their initial answer and 60-second rebuttals.

FBN sent a logistics memo to campaigns regarding the Nov. 10 debate that will be moderated by Maria Bartiromo, Neil Cavuto, Trish Regan and Sandra Smith. The candidates will also be allowed 30-second closing statements at the Milwaukee Theater event.

FBN’s sister network Fox News Channel hosted a record-setting debate in August, while its rival CNBC has caused anger among the Republican National Committee for its recent debate. Republican campaigns have scheduled a meeting for Sunday evening to discuss regaining control of the debate process, but the memo was pre-planned and would have been sent regardless of the CNBC debate.