Fox Business’ Charles Payne Visits With the New York Jets

By Mark Mwachiro 

The NFL is big business, and for the rookies entering the league, the big money they have just acquired presents a myriad of tempting opportunities.

To ensure these rookies don’t squander their newfound wealth, teams bring in financial experts to talk to these players so that they can become wise with their money, hoping it lasts well into their post-playing careers.

Enter Fox Business Network’s Charles Payne, who was on hand at the New York Jets practice facility in Florham Park, N.J., last week during its OTA workouts, where he gave a speech on financial literacy. Payne spoke to the rookies on site while veteran players listened in remotely.


In speaking to the rookies, Payne talked about how they could play a greater role in society and create generational wealth.

He spoke about his experience on his FBN show Making Money, saying, “We talked about generational wealth, which is a hot topic among young adults these days. I warned them of the Shirtsleeves-To-Shirtsleeves’ Curse and how it’s about more than money but creating an ethos that will guide future generations.”

He added, “I spent most of my presentation on how they can facilitate transformational wealth where entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs are underserved.”

Watch the clip from Making Money here.