Fox Biz’ers in Print

By SteveK 

Two FBN anchors were featured recently in their respective, related newspapers. Connell McShane was featured in the Irish Voice, and he said his Irish heritage was a “pretty big part of my life.”

McShane described the future of FBN. “Our audience will find us. We’ve just been on the air a few months. It will take a while to level that playing field between the more established business networks, and us but I’m certain we will,” he said. “It will be great to recall that I was a part of it.”

Redding, Connecticut native Dagen McDowell was interviewed in the Hartford Courant. She dicussed the evolution of FBN as well. We’ll just do what we’re doing and do it better, bigger, broader. “You can always improve and always make changes. That’s another hallmark of what we do — the willingness to evolve and change, explore and experiment,” she said. “There’s nothing complacent about anybody at Fox.”