Fox Biz In Q4: 12 Live Weekday Hours

By Brian 

Fox Business Channel will initially consist of a 12-hour live day, “then probably taped programming in the evening and more taped programming on the weekends,” TV Week reports.

Important: “Burned by the number of infomercial hours programmed by CNBC, the companies that have agreed to carry the Fox Business Channel starting in fourth quarter of this year have imposed limits on the number of non-business-news hours on the network.”

Cable operators “figured out they had given away the store with CNBC and they limited us more,” Roger Ailes says. “We can have X number of hours, six or eight or something, for a couple of years. So we clearly are going to have to come up with a schedule that allows us not to live on the addiction to infomercials and nose tweezers and ‘Body by Jake,’ or Cheese Whiz slicers and that shit. We’re going to have to invent something.” More…

> Update: 3:05pm: Ailes says CNBC goes “24/7 on weekends with infomercials,” but that’s flat out wrong and he knows it, a CNBC insider says: “We have infomercials during the day on the weekend. But our weekend lineup includes Tim Russert, The Suze Orman Show, The Chris Matthews Show, High Net Worth, The Wall Street Journal Report, and others.”