Former VP nominee, CNN Host, Fox News contributor Geraldine Ferraro dies

By Chris Ariens 

1984 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Geraldine Ferraro has died. Ferraro had been battling multiple myeloma for 12 years. She was 75.

MSNBC reported on Ferraro’s death, with a pre-produced obituary reported by NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell, at 12:09pmET. (For the last few Saturdays, MSNBC has been producing live afternoonET hours instead of running documentaries.)

Fox News reported on Ferraro’s death at 12:12pm. Correspondent Carl Cameron reported the news at the end of a live report from Iowa where several potential 2012 GOP candidates are gathered this weekend. CNN reported the news at 12:24pm.

After politics, Ferraro did what so many other politicians do: cable news. She was the “from the left” host of CNN’s “Crossfire” beginning in 1996. She joined Fox News in 1999 where she’d been a contributor ever since. Her final Fox News appearance was with the only other major party vice presidential nominee, also a Fox News contributor, Sarah Palin on midterm election night last November.

Video of that appearance, after the jump…

> More: Fox News founder and chairman Roger Ailes statement: “Geraldine Ferraro was an important and influential part of America’s political landscape. Her deep contributions on many significant issues will be felt for years to come. Geraldine was also an intelligent and warm contributor to the Fox News family and we will miss her.”

> More: Greta Van Susteren called in to to Fox News to share memories of Ferraro. We’re told Sarah Palin will phone in soon as well.

> More: Van Susteren will host a special Sunday night. “Geraldine Ferraro: A Celebration of Life” airs at 10pmET.