Former MSNBC Cameraman Sues NBC for Age Discrimination

By Jordan Chariton 

A former cameraman for MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown” with Chuck Todd is suing NBC, claiming he was fired as a result of age discrimination.

In a federal lawsuit, George Hyatt, 60, alleges he was fired by an NBC News Washington Bureau supervisor who he overheard talking about the need to bring “young blood in here.”

“A sack full of lying weasels,” Hyatt described NBC News to The Daily Caller, telling them he’s worked for Todd since the “Daily Rundown” host started with NBC News.

Hyatt tells TVNewser he first took his case to the Office of Human Rights in Washington, but that case was dismissed.

“I initially filed a complaint with the DC Office of Human Rights for age discrimination, after exhausting every effort to regain employment at a company I have devoted 30 plus years of my life,” Hyatt said. “I believe that the DC OHR dismissed the case due to understaffing and needed to clear the docket.  OHR did not speak to any of my witnesses or make any attempt to contact them albeit, they did recommend filing with EEOC.”

Todd denied knowing anything about the lawsuit, and pointed out Hyatt’s treatment wasn’t his responsibility.

In a brief conversation with The Daily Caller, Todd alternately expressed ignorance and incredulity about Hyatt’s claims.

Todd said he knew nothing about the lawsuit and Hyatt’s dismissal but is anyway not responsible for how NBC treats the men and women who put his show on the air. “Actually, I don’t supervise them,” Todd told TheDC.

When asked about the case, an NBC News spokesperson told us, “NBC News does not discriminate on the basis of age in making employment decisions.”