Former MSNBC Anchor, Fox News Analyst Monica Crowley Will Join Trump Administration

By Chris Ariens 

The Daily Beast reports Monica Crowley is expected to be named strategic communications director for the National Security Council in the Trump administration.

Crowley has been a longtime Fox News analyst and, in the mid-2000s hosted the MSNBC show Coast to Coast with Ron Reagan.

Fox News says Crowley’s contributor contract has been terminated as a result. Crowley was last on Fox News Monday night on Hannity.


“We have known that the elite left wing media has been biased for decades,” Crowley told Hannity, “but what made this election cycle so different was they ratcheted up to another level. They opposed Donald Trump ideologically and personally. Not only do they hate him because he’s not one of them, but they fear him because what he has promised and what we’ve seen in terms of his cabinet picks.”

Crowley will report to national security adviser Michael Flynn.