Former CNN Anchor Sues Over Motel Shooting

By Mark Joyella 

Former CNN anchor Lynne Russell and her husband, Chuck de Caro, have sued Motel 6 over a shooting that left an attacker dead and de Caro seriously wounded.

In a case filed this week, Russell and her husband claim the Albuquerque, N.M., motel was advertised as “safe, clean, and pet-friendly.”

The lawsuit, however, claims the motel is hardly crime-free:

Actually, Albuquerque police had been called to the motel at least 821 times to investigate “burglaries, auto-thefts, rapes, prostitution, petty theft, drugs, and other types of criminal and suspicious activity” in the previous six years.

“(A)t least 166” of these police calls to the motel came this year, they say, and the defendants had every reason to know the motel was not safe place, and that its unmonitored security cameras and security staff were insufficient.

Russell and her husband claim their safety was not protected, despite security cameras. “If anyone had been monitoring the cameras, it would have been obvious that the gun-carrying (attacker) was stalking Lynne,” the complaint states.