Former CBSer Vicki Mabrey “Working Out The Details” Of Becoming A Nightliner

By Brian 

Following up on Wednesday’s Observer scoop,Vicki Mabrey, the CBS News correspondent who was dropped from that network when CBS canceled 60 Minutes II, has all but signed on to join the revamped version of ABC-TV’s Nightline,” she tells Journal-Isms.

“I’ve been offered the job. We’re just working out the details and the contract,” she said. “It’s a new show. It’s a start-up. That’s always exciting.” She compared it with starting on 60 Minutes II when it first aired in 1999.

Mabrey and Goldston had breakfast on Oct. 17, and had a “very good conversation.” “Mabrey’s contract with CBS News expired at the end of August,” Dick Prince says…