Ford: “Textbook Tribute” On Today Show

By Brian 

Today’s intro: “Gerald Ford, the nation’s 38th president, is dead at the age of 93. The only commander in chief never elected to the office, he helped a wounded nation heal in the wake of Watergate… Former president Gerald Ford is being remembered as a uniter, true patriot and a beloved family man.”

One e-mailer’s view of the morning shows: “The Today Show this morning produced a textbook tribute to Gerald Ford. Good Morning America bailed out of the story at 17 minutes past the hour to air a random report on cloned meat. It was bizarre, to say the least. Then they teased another random story about drunk drivers. NBC touched every base, including sending a reporter to the Ford library in Michigan.”

> Update: 12pm: On GMA, Robin Roberts was joined by George Stephanopoulos, who co-anchored in New York. Charles Gibson was also on hand.