Ford: Dusting Off Old Interviews

By Brian 

TV newsers dusted off their interviews with Gerald Ford today — including some conversations that had never aired before.

CNN aired one of Ford’s Q&A’s with Larry King at 1am. “It was an honor and a privilege to interview him on numerous occasions, and to call him a friend. Tonight we want to share one of those special hours with you,” King said in his obviously pretaped intro.

FNC’s Wendell Goler had also taped an interview with Ford in 1999, and it hadn’t aired until today. FNC aired it in five parts during overnight coverage, ICN says. And MSNBC has aired clips of a Brian Williams sit-down with Ford several times today.

Segment four of today’s Early Show on CBS was also special: It was former CBS News correspondent Phil Jones‘ interview with Ford. “In 1984, Phil sat down with the former president with the understanding that their conversation would not air until after Ford’s death,” CBS said…