Ford: CNN #1 In Early Cable

By Brian 

CNN saw a viewership spike as it covered the breaking news of Gerald Ford‘s death on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The regular 11pm hour of Anderson Cooper 360 averaged 323,000 demo and 708,000 viewers. But the 12am hour of breaking news coverage saw gains, delivering 446,000 demo and 779,000 viewers and topping Fox News Channel’s coverage.

CNN also beat FNC at 1am. A Larry King interview with Ford averaged 299,000 demo and 464,000 viewers.

FNC’s special report from 11:48pm to 12am averaged 362,000 demo and 737,000 total viewers. Its 12am hour of coverage averaged 322,000 demo and 596,000 viewers. From 1 to 2am, the net averaged 196,000 demo and 369,000 viewers.

MSNBC’s special report from 11:50pm to 12am averaged 274,000 demo viewers and 582,000 total viewers. Special coverage from 12 to 1am averaged 184,000 demo and 448,000 viewers. Coverage from 1 to 2am averaged 159,000 demo and 291,000 viewers.