For Reporters in Dallas, ‘All of a Sudden, It Was Chaos’

By Mark Joyella 

CBS News Dallas correspondent Manuel Bojorquez was a short distance away when a gunman opened fire and terror swept through a crowd of 800 who had just staged a peaceful protest. “Headed to report of shots fired in downtown Dallas at end of #BlackLivesMatter march,” he reported on Twitter.

Within minutes, he found himself in the middle of a terrifying–and still unfolding story, with police officers shouting that a gunman was nearby and a crowd that numbered into the hundreds needed to run to safety:

Reporting during a CBS News special report, Bojorquez described the peaceful rally ending, and then “all of a sudden, it was chaos,” with “police officers lying dead in the street.”

Journalists trying to cover the story had to take cover, crouching behind vehicles or lying flat on the ground:

The long standoff–with streets throughout downtown closed–kept reporters in place, locked down, for hours overnight. One Dallas reporter took this photo thanking the Red Cross for bringing food, water–and “comfort”:

Alex Boyer, who’d been covering the Black Lives Matter rally, later thanked viewers for checking on him. “Thanks to all of you who messaged me on social media, I’m okay. Please pray for the officers & their families.”

As the choas overnight ended, the hard work of newsgathering began. But at the Dallas Morning News that included a moment of silence.