For News Divisons/Channels: Not Politics As Usual

By Chris Ariens 

The TV watchers who cover the business are writing about the so-far unsettled primary campaigns of both parties. The Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz writes:

“Time and again, the media’s preferred narratives for this campaign have collided with reality. Remember when journalists repeatedly declared that both nominations would be settled by Feb. 5? Scratch that…The media have long been trying to winnow the field, as John Edwards complained while struggling for a smidgen of attention against Obama and Clinton.”

And while Kurtz is critical of much of the coverage, Broadcasting & Cable writes about the boon the primary battle has been for the networks.


“The cost of deploying people and equipment to cover the primaries and caucuses represents a huge outlay, but the return on investment in terms of brand exposure cannot be underestimated…with the stakes — and viewership — so high, the cable networks are expanding coverage until both parties pick a candidate.”