For FBN’s Charlie Gasparino, New York is His Gym

By Alex Weprin 

Fox Business Network correspondent Charlie Gasparino gets profiled by the New York Times, not for his job, but for his workout. Gasparino uses New York City’s East River Park as part of his daily workout routine.

“I can get a little heated on air, and my park sessions help me calm down,” Gasparino tells the Times.

So what is the Gasparino workout? Find out after the jump.


Mr. Gasparino has created his own 75-minute workout, which he does in all weather five or six days a week. His gym is the East River Park, spanning from Montgomery Street to East 12th Street. Depending on the day, his regimen includes a two- to four-mile run around the park’s track and back and forth to the park from his apartment in Stuyvesant Town. He also does up to 36 sets of pull-ups on the monkey bars, wind sprints, and hundreds of push-ups and sit-ups. (I witnessed the intensity of this program firsthand.) He alternates between days that emphasize running and strength training.